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Our Mission

To provide our public & private sector clients with the necessary tools to handle all of their compliance needs through our exceptional training and consulting, and our extensive unparalleled industry experience.

Ava-Med, Inc. is a domestic and international distributor/wholesaler of medical and dental supplies/equipment. We have over 27 years of experience in Middle East government hospital and university procurements and to the private sector.

Wide range of diverse product and project knowledge.

In-house freight forwarder to provide both domestic and international transportation requirements.

Monitoring of the shipments to ensure the compliance of regulations both with DOT, IATA and IMO.

Handling of all export documentation to overseas destination to facilitate customs clearance.

Our partners are our growth and success. Our commitment is for the long lasting business relationship based on the pillars of mutual respect and trust. We ensure to provide the best quality of customer service, the utmost comfort and satisfaction.

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