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Product availability & allocation

Global demand is outpacing supply for some personal protective equipment (PPE) and related products due to the coronavirus outbreak. This increased demand has caused shortages for some PPE and related products.

Ava-Med Inc.

Helping to Build a Healthy Community

About Ava-Med Inc.

We are committed to provide excellent service to our customer base and we are now offering products and/or services to Government agencies at the federal, state, city, county and municipal levels. By completing our registrations we are eligible to be paid for products and/or services rendered, to receive Grant disbursements, to be eligible for no bid contracts, and to be chosen in a time of crisis by the Federal Government for relief. We have taken these steps for our customers and the Government to show proof of qualifications and to set our company apart from competitors.

While registering for SAM we have taken all steps to provide business documents, licenses, insurance information, core competencies, differentiators, and past performance to show timeliness, quality, and positive delivery of products and/or services.

Through our research and preparation we are now able to field proposals, evaluate our current market position, and resource allocations. We also now have a full understanding on how to search, field, allocate, develop, draft, edit, and summarize a formal response to attain Government contracts and/or Government grants.

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DUNS# 83-2511534

NAICS 339114, 423450



25 Western Industrial Drive, Unit 3 Cranston, RI 02921



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